There are a lot of great people in town volunteering their time and services.  This is only a partial list – if you know of another volunteer opportunity that should be listed please e-mail me.

The Warren Township Community Forum has a website and bulletin board dedicated to volunteer services that they are providing to the community and our front line medical providers.  These services include:

Phone/Pen Pals: volunteer or find a phone pal

PPE collection

Donate to feed our local medical workers

Support local restaurants

COVID Mask Project: volunteer, donate or request masks

Grocery Deliveries: volunteer or request a delivery 

*Tri-County Resource Net*
Volunteer Opportunities

*Meal Donations*

Ansh, Laksh, Ved and Krish Patel have set up a GoFundMe page to provide meals for healthcare workers and support local restaurants.  

Donna Rubinetti is coordinating the meals for the EMTs /Rescue Squad. If anyone would like to volunteer to cook a meal, Please contact her by email at

Donate medical boots and braces to the Pluckemin Presbyterian Medical Ministry


FLAG Berkeley Heights – Feeding First Responders/Supporting Local BusinessRaising money for our Berkeley Heights Restaurants to Feed Our first responders and frontline healthcare workers
VENMO@BerkeleyHeights-PAL (skip when asked for last 4 phone numbers)
or [](
(if you are not registered, use COVID as child’s name)
Please send questions or contact us to pay by check:
If Interested in sponsoring a meal
Summit Overlook Hospital
Half shift: $500
Full shift: $1,000
Summit Medical Group Urgent Care
Meal: $150
*donations are tax deductible – PAL is a 501(c)3
Facebook group:
PAL Website:
If you are or know a BH senior over the age of 70 (limited supplies) who would like a mask made by a neighbor, please call 908-312-2066.  Email

*For Watchung Residents*

Watchung Volunteer

*Face Shields and Mask Straps*

Matthew Nunes is 3d printing face shields, you can donate here.

Johannes Wellerding is using a design to 3D-Print surgical mask straps which can be found here. He can be contacted by emailing him here.  Donations are welcome. 

Michael Armao is 3d printing face shields and created a design which can be found here. He can be contacted by emailing him here

Alberto Freire is making 3D printed face shield, and the design for his mask as well as his contact information can be found  website is here.  A link to donate via Amazon can be found here.

Ron Yuhl is making face shields that are currently being used at St. Barnabas. These are not 3D made, but, they work just great. He is happy to help out with donations and can be reached at

*Sewing Masks and Caps*

Sarah Shell is looking for help in sewing masks.  She could use help in cutting material, sewing or even donations of fabric.  Here’s an article on what she’s up to.  She’s working with the Summit Medical Group Foundation (donations accepted) .  You can reach out to Sarah via e-mail.

The Mask Squad is always looking for volunteers to help.  You can also request masks from them!

Laurie Mullen Wood sews surgical caps, masks and s-hooks individually upon request.  Orders can be placed through herwebsite. Contact her at or cell 908-869-6121

Erica Weinschenk is willing to help out with sewing individual scrub caps by request whatever size/style people want,  but NEEDS MORE FABRIC.
Her Facebook page is called Blondefish Productions
Donations appreciated PayPal
Donate Fabric or request masks

If you need to purchase masks for you and your family we have a list of suppliers in our medical services page

Masks for Many is making and donating masks. If you would like to help, please complete this form.
Masks for Many

*Purchase/import PPE*

Ashley Berger Freitas and her family are coordinating with Spectrum Designs to purchase PPE equipment for medical workers and those on the front line.  More information can be found here.

Austin Schlenker and Warrenville Hardware are working to get badly needed supplies to the local community.  He is able to use his import experience to assist and can offer non woven face masks and KN 95 respirator style masks, the Chinese standard. He can accept preorders for the next incoming shipment. Goods are in stock at the factory overseas but the delivery is by UPS and FedEx so while it is typically 5-6 days for delivery, it could be longer. Please call in preorders directly to Warrenville Hardware 908-757-9100. They will put you in the list.

Cari Gelber and her entrepreneur friends are saving lives bringing quality fda and ce PPE to the states at affordable prices. We Shield, is buying in bulk and securing amazing prices to help the front lines workers in hospitals and help support the government. Here are all of the supplies available: KN95 respirator masks, 3 ply protective masks, Level 1 disposable protective gowns, face shields 100% anti-fog PET, elastic medical goggle silicone frame + anti-fog wear, infrared sensor
To order or request information contact Cari Gelber at 917.733.3154 or


*Donate Graduation Gowns for PPE*

Donate your graduation gown

(middle school, high school or college) to be used as PPE.

Carly Gaebele is sending virtual thank-yous to first responders.  Send a virtual thank-you video to her, she will string together multiple thank-yous into a larger video and send them out.

Kobe Tam’s family is collecting masks and other supplies for the St. Barnabas Medical Center.  If you can help him call him at 908-868-0492.

Adam Goldstein of Goldy’s Car Service is offering free grocery and/or pharmacy pickups for residents unable to safely leave their home, and can be called at 1-201-618-2877.

Alexandra Jacobson is collecting letters for seniors at the Chelsea.